About Me

Since the age of three, I remember singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror, belting out the most rock version of, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” I knew I was destined for greatness. I knew I was destined to be a major rock star. Well, what does a three year old know about destiny? Pat Benetar I am not.  However, growing up with quite the musical family, I did know that I must be a part of the music world. 

I am a lover of live music and have been blessed with friends and family that are actual musicians. And as much as I would have loved to jump up on stage and play the air guitar and sing back up vocals, it was decided my best efforts were to be off stage photographing it all.  It was at that moment, I knew what I loved the most. 

However, what I have found out through my years of taking photos is that I have met some incredible people, some of whom I now call friends.  My favorite clients are the ones I would hang out with (it’s amazing that most of them are just that).  Getting to know them and what makes them unique is just one of the perks of what I do. 

The uniqueness of my photos comes from the uniqueness of my clients. They feel comfortable around me and let their guard down, which allows me to take the wonderful images you’ll see on my site.  The best reward for me is to see the look on someone’s face when they truly love the shot.  

So… I’d like to thank you for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you, learn your story and photograph what makes you unique!

Much love!

Tonette Madsen